Oddly... appropriate recurring opportunity cards?

Alright, so I am very new to the world of Fallen London (three days on my first account), and earlier than I think most people’d advise, I made an alt account. I just really wanted to play out this character that came to me, a nun with a rather wicked sense of humor (inspiration was a book club I go to populated by ladies mostly my mother’s age or above). Anyway, long story short, I’ve had this nun for 2 days now.

I’ve gotten the &quotA devil’s taken a shine to you&quot Opportunity card at least like 7-8 times within those two days.

I’m not sure if that’s truly too odd or if I’m just noticing it more due to the hilarity of the situation, it’s just incredibly higher than the times I’ve encountered it on the first account. I will admit, I find the idea of a demon so doggedly pursuing a nun romantically to be frankly hilarious.

In any case, I’m curious. Any of you seem to get more (or at least take more notice of) of a specific opportunity card that fits your character surprisingly well? Or cards that just strike your fancy whenever you see them, whether or not they fit your character?

I get the Society card several times a day, which is oddly appropriate since in my mind Vincent is quite charming and good with society. However, the devil cards show up very often. You probably shouldn’t follow too much with the 'Intimate of Devils" storyline because you’ll lose your soul in the end! Losing your soul locks a few places, and getting it back costs Fate.

You’ll only lose your soul if you take a gamble with a discardable card once your intimate of… quality is at 12, and the gamble itself is only a very minor chance. I’d say go for it, milk those devils for all they’re worth.

It doesn’t cost fate, getting it with fate is the easy way but you can get it back if you lose it.

It doesn’t cost fate, getting it with fate is the easy way but you can get it back if you lose it.[/quote]

Oh, cool!

Thank you guys for the feedback! It’s fairly in character for this lady to pick the ‘polite’ option and so I’m getting Hell influence and I just never expected this to happen. Part of me kind of wants to get the fate to a demon companion just to continue the hilartity without losing my soul. And I got the card again a few times over, which moves me to about… 10 times now? I’m mostly keeping track with the confident smiles and I’ve had to use a few.

The demon really wants that soul.