I just drew An Unsigned Message, and it has a new requirement on it: not only needing Notability, but also &quotYou unlocked this by not having Obscurity (you needed 1 at most).&quot I don’t remember seeing this before- has it come up here anywhere?
If not, I wonder if it is Seeking related, or Next-EF-, or Mayor of London? :)

Without spoiling what it does, it is Seeking related.

What if a non-Seeking person chooses the option out of blind curiosity? They won’t, ah, regret it or anything, will they?

It’s not an option, it’s a new quality. pretty much impossible, AFAIK, to get without high enough seeking that you couldn’t possibly claim to be a non-seeker with a straight face. [One of the things it does is remove the chance of &quotAn Unsigned Message&quot, or at least this version of the card, being drawn at obscurity 2.]

Wow, I sure missed that one didn’t I?

I wonder how if there are any other SMEN qualities that affect the regular cards.

I’ve also missed mention of this quality. At what point in the Seeking does this appear, and are there any other known impacts?

It appears for the 5th candle, and…there are certainly effects. Yes.

Without going into detail, non-Seekers need not worry. The only way you’ll be getting this quality is if you are miles deep into Seeking and receive it on the 5th candle with full knowledge of your actions and the consequences. If you somehow by the grace of the Judgements get this without Seeking, it’s either a glitch or you’ve somehow transcended London and into the heart of Mr Eaten himself. By then, glitches and consequences are the least of your worries friend.
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[quote=knguy ]
I wonder how if there are any other SMEN qualities that affect the regular cards.[/quote]
The only one I can think of is having a stained soul, which locks a whole bunch of options to sell it, starting as early as the Intimate of Devils storyline.[li]

Its weird that Obscurity does not show up at all on the Fallen London wiki.

Perhaps quite appropriately so.

It only appeared yesterday, so give it some time. I’m sure the wiki wizards will get to it.