Now that item upconversions require favors...

…Did the chances of a &quotRare Success&quot go up accordingly?

I’m guessing no, but I haven’t been keeping track.

The “success” results are more profitable than they used to be. E.g. upconverting T4 wines used to give 4 Mysteries of the Elder Continent, now it gives 8. I don’t know if the rare successes are either more profitable or more common.

I honestly think the favors ought to be a Renown requirement. No need to make conversions so expensive, especially when people rely on them for their Notability.

Favours are not required for the third-tier conversion carousel, and the second-to-third up-conversions have bulk options that do not require favours (in addition to being more action-efficient). If Summerset and Benthic are converted to the favour/renown system at some point, then favours will affect the Extraordinary Implications off-ramp, but the chief result of that would be to make the full carousel more appealing.