Now, just what is the situation on the Surface?

The Neath is all well and good, but it’s bewildering not to know what’s happening upstairs. Are the old movers and shakers still around? Bismarck? Nikolai, or is it Alexander? What’s happening in Turkey? How about a world war, any gathering rumors of that? What happened to Britain’s surface colonies when London was stolen? It would be good for the game to have more of a connection to the surface world and its events - political, philosophical, scientific. The way I see it, the Bazaar’s interference did not remove London to another world but expanded and changed the world preceding.

It is three years since Bismark left his position of foreign affairs minister. My contacts say that it was caused by his conflict with Wilhelm II, who wishes to start war on two fronts (An utter imbecile, if you want my opinion). Hoards of Italians from southern and central regions are leaving their homes and move to America. Poland’s communists rebel against Russian rule, again. And the Russian is seemed to stuck in recession, caused by the reformational immobility. There is signs of the waponary chase: It has been a year since the full-automatic pistol invention, and ten years since introduction of the maxim’s machine gun; I believe that these inventions will change the future face war.
Speaking about it: I am afraid, but it is quite likely that we will get blocked here by the surface’s upcoming storm… And that aint no good.
edited by Andrew Astherson on 6/19/2015