Now even acquaintance has a cap...

I can’t raise the singer acquaintance over 8, either through her card or through a visit.

I have to admit, I don’t like this. Now yet another card (the help her card) is useless. As a POSI grinder, I have already found so many cards not worth my time, which is a pity (flip cards feels much less &quotgrindy&quot).

You should be able to raise it to 9, since the increase is locked when it’s &quothigher than 8&quot. Though this will probably become pretty annoying once it goes down to 8 and 8CPs, since then I’ll have to make sure to raise it to 9 before asking her for a favour, or save the favour-card until I get the helping-card that raises the acquaintance. Or I would suffer another 10% risk of failure.

Before this latest change I could just let the points accumulate, and since the favour-card apparently has a higher frequency it would always bring the points down to 9 and 9 CPs, where I would just keep the card or discard it to use it once it was safe to do so. So it’ll be a difference between letting the cards come as they may, or being forced to alternate between them for every use. Yep. &quotPretty annoying&quot is my forecast.

I do not like this change either, now if you want to keep in good terms (e.g. lvl 13) you cannot even use the cards.
And, is there any way to get it higher than 9 then?

Hopefully they will add benefits from A Visit to replace the lost means of accumulating Acquaintance. Glad I ground these all up when their residences were fixed in various actual locations…

Wasn’t even one stated reason for moving them from storylets to the opp. card that it would allow for using higher level of the qualities?

Don’t suppose it could be capped at 10, could it? That way we can accumulate some buffer points for her other card.

The acquaintance cap is active for some time already, using the A visit card. However you could increase the Singer acquaintance through its specific card (help the singer)… did they tweak that too at the end?

It seems like all the options of the card “Ask the Music - Hall Singer to help you” have just Acquaintance 1 as requirement, now.

So, yes, it is not possible anymore to accumulate a lot of “Acquaintance”, but all the levels from 1 to 8 are suddenly usable.

It would appear that they’ve changed the building that has the Forger check on it. (I wanna say Rooftop Shack or something like that). My Acquaintance at 6 used to be a 100% chance of success. Now its only a 70% chance of success.

I understand that they’re trying to balance things, but it just feels frustrating.

Nice to see that visiting our acquaintances pays a lot more now though. Except for the Repentant Forger, I suppose? That one was probably higher before, when the reward wasn’t based on the unmodified Shadowy.