November Exceptional Story: The Committee

This one was mechanically fun. It’s been a looooong long time since I had a chase through the flit… I remember them being kind of a pain back when I was just double-digits in Shadowy.

The ending though, and even the secret itself felt a bit… anticlimactic. Another “nothing ever changes” adventure, without even an interesting keepsake to show for it.

Since it doesn’t seem to change anything, I went ahead and reburied the secret - echo here

Does anyone have the echo for killing the moth?

I’m not quite sure whether I appreciate the inclusion of wall-jumping or whether I rather have it confined to certain other games.

I thought of killing the moth, just to satisfy your request, but it’s just not something my character would do.
I tried to tell the world. my echo is here.

Time flies, time indeed flies! Tomorrow this ES will be gone so make sure you unlock it by then.
And let us welcome December’s, Advent calendar and IroNoman Marathon’s final preparations, Sackmas and our white friends!

I enjoyed this one. I decided the secret was too much to expose, so I took the path that maintained the status quo. It seemed to make more sense. I don’t mind that the story didn’t have much overall impact. It was still fun. The action scenes were awesome.

This was my least favorite ES in quite a long time. Mechanically I felt it was mildly interesting but mostly just an action grind and the characters had a lot of potential but ultimately just weren’t there enough to be memorable. Then the ending after the big reveal the final decision was worthless because all the outcomes were the same and meaningless and from a role playing perspective straight up annoying.

Having seen the other echoes here, this seemed like a choice rather than either status quo or having my choice annulled, so, here it is. (Also there are rash considerations to be made when someone’s chest cracks open and things start struggling out.) If I could have kept the moth to study, I would have.
edited by Earin on 11/29/2019