Notability, Making Waves, and Travel

I am unsure exactly how Notability and Making Waves diminish over time, and I gather the process has changed, so it’s hard to tell what on the wikis and which posts on the subject are still accurate.

It seems aslong as one’s Making Waves is equal to or greater than one’s Notability that Time does not steal any Notability…do we know for sure if that’s how it works?

Making Waves seems to drop every week. Will that still be true if I am away from Fallen London? I need to go to Polythreme and I’m wondering if I need to bank a large amount of Making Waves before I leave to make certain that I don’t lose any Notability before I return home.

Thanks for any helpful information.

Yes, that’s right - Notability won’t drop so long as Making Waves is equal or higher. Making Waves halves each week, wherever you are, so you can calculate how high you’ll need it to be to cover your entire journey. So, for instance, if your Notability is 5 and you set out just after getting Time the Healer, then Making Waves 20 will set you up until the end of your third week at zee.

Also, Notability won’t drop if it’s under six, per my most recent message from Time the Healer.

Was your Making Waves six, by any chance?

Halves! My goodness, I had no idea. That must be traumatizing for people who are almost but not quite yet to the level needed to raise their Notability. Thank you very much for the information. I shall prepare accordingly.

Hmm. Here it is

Notability hasn’t changed, because it’s lower than 6 An occurrence! Your ‘Making Waves’ Quality is now 2!

I guess MW must’ve been 5 but that’s a very confusing way of putting it, I thought they’d changed the mechanic.

I think that notability decreases only if higher than your making waves. Anyway, a tip for travellers:

At the beginning of your week, build up some making waves so that your notability is equal or lower. Go abroad.

At the end of the week, your MW will halve, but notability will not decrease. So you still have one week in order to come back to london and raise (again) your MW to the level of your notability.

In particular, one last useful tip - you still can convert items while abroad! Unless your notability is very high, keeping a good stack of items to convert may help you to raise your MW to the correct level.

Some items which may help you:

Zee stories -> Absinthe (5 cp)

Incendiary Gossips -> Zee Ztories (2-6 cp, and then, you can use the Ztories to grind Absinthe!)

Stolen Kisses -> Favours in high place (A lot)
Memories of distant shores -> Collated research (don’t remember, but you can grind the memories from hunter’s keep)
Visions of the surface -> Love stories (just 1-2 cps, but you can make a lot of these if you grind romantic notions in polythreme)

Tales of Terror -> Extraordinary Implications (5 - 10 c, 30 with rare success. Talk with cinthia at HUnter’s Keep)

Extraordinary Implications -> Uncanny incunambula ( a lot, you can build them from Hunter Keep!)

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I would normally better than to contradict a poster who is clearly more experienced than I am, but I am currently at Polythreme and I find myself unable of using any item. I accesed it through the Tramp Steamer, not in my own boat, so that might be the reason.

You can’t convert items within Polythreme proper, but you can convert them while out at Zee. Or at least I think so - it’s been a while since I checked.

-Touché- You’re right, John, you can not convert item in Polythreme!

(How would you do it, while they squirm, scream and crawl?)

But… you can convert them while abroad. So, if you’re in emergency, you can go abroad, convert items while on the sea/zee (not really sure if you can do it on the Sea of voices or not), and when your travel quality is at 9, return to polythreme.

It is still less time expensive than returning to London (-3 trips!) if you have all the material, and less time expensive than grinding 2 times your notability in MW, if you’re over notability 7 or so.

This said, if you follow the (Time the healer, grind enough MW, travel, time the healer, travel, grind enough MW, travel) you have quite 2 weeks to stay in polythreme (let us say, minus 2 days for the travel?) which probably is more than enough.
If your notability is not really high, you may also decide to grind 2* notability MW in order to stay one week more.

Sorry to contradict you, Andrea, but you can not convert items when Aboard a Tramp Steamer. I guess I need to start thinking of buying my own ship :)

Pardon, i supposed you were travelling with your own ship. :)

I would advice you to do so as soon as possible (even if just a tramp steamer, there is no shame in it!) so that you can make avery kind of conversion while abroad.