Notability and Professions?

Hope you can answer this for me guys but after spending about 8 weeks at notability 5 I FINALLY get the card to upgrade to the Midnighter profession. My question is do I have to maintain my notability to keep my rank or can I let it fall off now and still keep the Midnighter profession? Thanks for any answers

You can let it fall.

You can let it fall. on the other hand, it’s not too much effort to maintain notability, so it’s ultimately your decision if it’s worthwhile.

Keeping a profession does not need a certain Notability, but you may want to keep, or increase it regardless, because several actions require Notability. The Portly Sommelier needs Notability for some of the higher tier trades, and the Unsigned Message uses a Notability check to award a surprise Package, which contains a Bundle of Oddities that can go as high as 1001 (max rarity).

If you want to drop it, you might consider donating it to new POSI, or players who spent/lost their Notability and want to get to 1 in order to be able to summon the Slowcakes guy with the long name that I can never remember how to spell.

Excellent thank you for the the tips everyone, problem is I don’t play that much anymore so having to keep my actions up on making waves was getting annoying. However, I may reconsider now I have an “elite” job :)

Slowcake’s Amanuensis.