Not sure what to do next

I’ve been playing for a long time but I’m beginning to feel like I’m not really getting anything accomplished.

[ul][li]There are empty spaces for Destiny, Affiliation, Home Comfort, Spouse and Club and I have no idea how to get any of them.[/li][li]Suddenly have -4 Wounds and no idea what causes it.[/li][li]Would like to change professions but can’t figure out how.[/li][li]So many Story, Intrigue, Venture, Progress, Dreams, Circumstance, Accomplishment and Acquaintance storylets started but I’m not sure how to continue most of them.[/li][/ul]Any advice would be appreciated.

Affiliations, Home Comforts, Spouses, and Clubs are POSI items. You can get them in the Bazaar Side-streets. Destinies can be acquired at the Fruits of the Zee Festival, Halloween, and Christmas, so you just need to wait for one of those holidays to come by. The Fruits of the Zee festival should be near the end of August if memory serves me correctly.

-4 Wounds is definitely a bug. You’ll want to send an email in to to get it sorted out.

Changing professions can be done by resigning from your current Profession and picking one from the various Faction cards. If you’ve already picked one from a Faction card then you can upgrade it after reaching 2 Notability and 5 Notability using &quotan unsigned message&quot when it comes up. It’s an uncommon card, but as long as you have some Notability it will eventually pop up. If you don’t have any Notability (or insufficient Notability to upgrade) you’ll need to wait until Slowcake’s Amanuensis turns up in your opportunity deck.

The last one is a bit difficult to answer. I would recommend looking around for interesting things to do, and asking the forum for specific things you’re unsure of.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 4/19/2015

Feel free to search about the wiki as well. They can tell you where to begin your search for no small number of items and storylets:
Home Comforts

Enter whichever story you’re looking for an ending to into the search and it should point you in the right direction.
If it is of no help, ask here about a specific storylet and we’ll be sure to set you right.

Resigning your profession can be done via the ‘letters’ storylet in your lodgings, by the way.

Circumstances are not really something you can progress in, most of the times they are there to randomize the game so that’s one less thing to worry about.

A lot of Progress qualities are things you build up and then cash in to get various items or accomplish various stories – like Casing or Seeking or Investigating. The Flit is one good place to cash in a lot of these qualities.

Dreams and Acquaintance qualities you just keep on building up. Dream qualities unlock new cards as they go higher. Acquaintance qualities are mostly gained and used on the A Visit card.