Not sure if this is a bug or an intentional change

My game glitched out pretty badly after I saved in Polythreme (there’s a port there, but it’s unfinished), and I noticed some time after this comprehensive glitch-out that my maximum Hull was now 50 instead of 100. Even after I deliberately killed off the glitched captain and started a new one on that save; after I started a new game; and when I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I sent in a bug report about the collection of glitches I ran into that mentioned the Hull thing, but the response didn’t clear up whether that was intentional.

On the one hand, it seems weirdly consistent for a glitch since repairs lock if you have over 49 Hull (although I was able to get 72 out of 50 Hull when I sent it in for repairs with less than 49) and the tramp-steamer’s description in the shipyard now says &quot+50 Hull&quot, but on the other hand, I can’t find any mention of a change to maximum Hull in any of the changelogs or announcements and I’d think that it’d be signposted if the durability of our ships was cut in half on purpose. (It makes boat battles, collisions with the scenery – including buoys, unfortunately – and overburdening the engine all more threatening, which seems like a reasonable gameplay change.)
edited by CameoAppearance on 5/15/2014

[color=009900]Sorry - this is a content change that snuck out early ahead of the next patch, in which there’ll be more ships to upgrade to (and buoys will do zero damage). You may notice your ship now has a Weight, too…[/color]

edited by Alexis on 5/15/2014

Ah. Well, that explains it. (I hadn’t noticed the Weight quality, but I did notice that my hold capacity had changed from 30 to 40.)