Nostalgia items

I’m trying to get a deluged individual to show me the way to a certain street.

But she requires Love Stories. And touching ones at that.

I know these can be acquired through the use of nostalgia items, but where should I look for these? I’ve had some Visions of the Surface through various opportunities, but they don’t seem to come up very often.


Use Some Prisoner’s honey. That will give you romantic notions, which will give you visions of the surface, which will give you love stories.

Doubt Street or Flute Street or somewhere else?

What now requires Love Stories, an item which was unavailible a few weeks ago?

Sounds like Flute Street. The guide requires quite the list of items from you. Back when I took that route those many months ago, I was pleased to see that they weren’t all used - they were just there to ensure that if I needed them, I had them. And since I was away from the shops, well, that did make sense.

There is now an Unfinished Business storylet in Veilgarden that gives you a reliable and adequate quantity of honey. Huzzah!

It’s still not a very good option. 2 actions for a chance at 100 drops of honey seems pretty bad when you can get items of higher value/action on 100% basis from other unfinished business.

While I agree that the ‘Consignment of Old Props’ option was bad in its offering a 50% chance of only 35 honey, and have no idea what it now offers, there is a new option at the bottom of the page - ‘Doing the Decent Thing’ - which gives a full 50 honey, with a rare chance of a Stolen Kiss. That’s in line with the other Unfinished Business options and well worth taking.
Sure, it’s not a good money-maker - none of the Unfinished Business options are - but they’re intended to provide goods in quantities greater than you can buy them. Wheareas before it was better to go and get some money and just buy the honey outright (unless you had Court access) this is now the best source of honey around. It is a Good Thing.

I agree, the new 'Doing the Decent Thing’ option makes the grinding much easier, especially now that you don’t have to worry about being banished from court. The rare reward of a stolen kiss in addition to the 50 honey is also a pleasent surprise, 25 of those can be exchanged for Favors in High Places and I’d say there’s quite a good chance of getting 25 rare sucesses from the 800 actions it takes to grind 40.000 honey.