I have a ship but the route appears to be closed off, which is weird considering how many dreams I have telling me to go north. What’s north? When will we be able to go there?

North is a place you shouldn’t go unless you’re a mad Seeker or the Dilmun Club sends you there. It’s not possible to go there yet, and I’m not sure when it will be possible. Someday.

Do not go North! Never go North! Do not listen to the dreams!

The North is too cold for gods.

All roads lead North & it’s best neither to think nor speak of North. Consider choosing instead to Prolong the Inevitable.

Not true; some roads lead East.
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[quote=The Machinist]Not true; some roads lead East.
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Those roads always return. North will never take you home.

north, north, never go north. the dreams warn you not to do something incredibly foolish. listen to them.

North goes ever ever on, over Stone and under Neath
by caves where never Sun has shone
by streams that never find the Zee

Could there be a sea more sunless?

There is a Sunless Sky!

Although Leslie you shouldn’t be too pumped out about North because the route’s locked for several years now and probably will stay so for a few more years.