North spoilers

I know its frozen, but anyone know when they are going unfreeze it? And why did they Freeze it? Do they not want us to find the name?

im not sure how you would unfreeze it, im fairly sure a hair dryer would not be enough.

Nonsense and calumny! You just need a big enough hair dryer at 1000x Whirring Contraptions and 500x Bejeweled Lens.

I think all the content related to Seeking the Name is on hiatus with no indication as to when it’ll be opened again. As far I could make out there was a lot of drama regarding the cost of Seeking the Name so it’s closed until they say otherwise.

A lot of drama from a tiny part of the SMEN players, which affected FailbetterGames financially (not so much, but it always start with little things) and thus needed some readjustment.
Two-three guys managed to stop a whole creative momentum, sadly.

[color=#e53e00] It’s not gone forever. See AK’s remark here:[/color]