North: NiteBrite's Companion Naming Thread

EDIT: Current candidates list linked here to try and help avoid conflicts where possible: Companion Naming Thread Canidates - Google Docs

Going North involves giving up many things, but one of the few things you can take with you is company, or more specifically companions. I’ve always said community is the greatest treasure of all, and have spent my fallen london career collecting 86 unique companions. So, my question for you all is who wants to come NORTH with me, forever, as one of my companions?
That’s right, I’m offering you all the chance to have one of my companions named after you which I will then take with me to the end of the game. Will you be my shimmering songster? Or are you more of a parabolan kitten? The choices are yours my friend. And here’s how:

[ol][li]Consult the list of unclaimed companions in the spoiler below, and choose one companion.[/li][li]Post the name of the companion type along with the name you wish to give it (preferably but not necessarily your own character name)[/li][li]I will review the posts below every few days (schedule pending on how busy this thread gets) and select some names.[/li][li]If a name is selected for a companion, it will be marked as &quot - Name Reserved&quot on the list below. Final selections will not be revealed until the end of this thread.[/li][li]I’ll be consulting other community sources for names too, such as tumblr, the IRC, etc. So this will be a selection process and not necessarily a first come first serve arrangement. [/li][li]I may, at my choosing, select more than one name for a companion and combine them into one long name, character limit permitting. I might alternatively select no names. At the end of the day, these are companions of my choosing with whom I will be with forever.
[/li][li]This process will continue until either we run out of time and I am North, or we run out of Companions to name.[/li][/ol]Sound good? Alright then, without further ado here is my list of companions in the order they appear in my inventory:

[spoiler]Row 1

  1. 7x Dazed Raven Advisor[/li][li]7x Deshrieked Mandrake[/li][li]7x Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider[/li][li]7x Working Rat[/li][li]7x Grubby Urchin[/li][li]7x Winsome Dispossessed Orphan[/li][li]7x Devious Henchman[/li][li]7x Ruthless Henchman[/li][li]7x Alluring Accomplice [Commonplace]

[ol][li]7x Malevolent Monkey[/li][li]1x Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief[/li][li]7x Rattus Faber Bandit-Cheif[/li][li]1x Overgoat - Name Reserved
[/li][li]77x Lucky Weasel[/li][li]77x Reprehensible Lizard[/li][li]77x Sulky Bat[/li][li]1x Cardsharp Monkey
[/li][li]1x Rubbery Conspirator - Name Reserved[/li][/ol]Row 3

[ol][li]7x Cheerful goldfish[/li][li]7x Bat with Attitude [Coveted]
[/li][li]7x Araby Fighting-Weasel [Scarce]
[/li][li]7x Talkative Rattus Faber - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x A Daughter in the Shadows[/li][li]1x Albino Rat[/li][li]7x Bengal Tigress [Commonplace]
[/li][li]1x Salt Weasel - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x Somnolent Hyaena[/li][/ol]Row 4

[ol][li]1x Rubbery Hound
[/li][li]1x Plated Seal[/li][li]1x Tomb-Lion[/li][li]1x Hound of Heaven[/li][li]1x Ocular Toadbeast
[/li][li]1x Corresponding Ocelot - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x Slavering Dream-Hound
[/li][li]1x Bifurcated Owl - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x Grubby Kitten (A mutual exclusive)[/li][/ol]Row 5

  1. 7x Scuttering Squad[/li][li]1x Unfinished Hat[/li][li]1x Dark-Carapaced Crustacean[/li][li]1x Dreamy Raven Advisor[/li][li]1x Philosophical Raven Advisor[/li][li]1x Mystic Raven Advisor[/li][li]1x Wary Raven Advisor[/li][li]1x Unscrupulous Raven Advisor[/li][li]1x Devious Raven Advisor - Name Reserved

[ol][li]10x Pink-Painted Cat[/li][li]2x Watchful Doll - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x Rose-Bearing Maggot
[/li][li]1x Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider
[/li][li]1x Quiet Deviless[/li][li]1xAn Irresistible Lady[/li][li]1x Affable Spy[/li][li]1xHollow-eyed Tragedian
[/li][li]1x Lettice, the Mercy
[/li][/ol]Row 7

[ol][li]1x Profoundly Educated Gentleman
[/li][li]1x Green-Eyed Devil
[/li][li]1x Presbyterate Diplomat[/li][li]1x Neurasthenic Assassin[/li][li]1x Canny Costmonger[/li][li]1x Appreciation Society[/li][li]1x Midnight Matriarch[/li][li]1x Complaisant Frost-Moth[/li][li]1x Ravenous Henchman - Name Reserved[/li][/ol]Row 8

[ol][li]1x Blemmigan Secretary[/li][li]1x Laconic Prodigy - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x Übergoat - Name Reserved[/li][li]1x Shimmering Songster
[/li][li]1x Pentecost Ape[/li][li]1x A Ghostly Presence[/li][li]1x A Stiff-Backed Young Lady
[/li][li]1x A Monster-Hunting Academic
[/li][li]1x A Restless Clay Man
[/li][/ol]Row 9

[ol][li]1x The Pirate-Poet[/li][li]1x Parabolan Panther
[/li][li]7x Parabolan Kitten[/li][li]1x Nacreous Survivor
[/li][li]1x The Cat’s Chiefest Claw [/li][li]1x Blemmigan Pedant
[/li][li]1x Heptagoat - Name Reserved[/li][li]4x Fraught Research Assistant[/li][li]1x The Woman in Yellow[/li][/ol]Row 10

[ol][li]1x Rubbery Bellringer
[/li][li]1x An Enfranchised Anchoress[/li][li]1x A Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger[/li][li]1x A Reactionary Tomb-Colonist
[/li][li]1x A Venomous Caricaturist[/spoiler]
[/li][/ol]A final note, its possible that not all names will be selected or that certain companions will be more popular than others. Please do remember to be civil as arguing over selections will lower your chances of future selection. Also, its sort of the forum rules to be awesome ;-)

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A neat idea NiteBrite!

I’d love to name your Rubbery Bellringer after myself, Doctor V. von Marsong.

I think the Dazed Raven Advisor is the perfect pet to name after Flesh-Stick, as it is much like him-loud, stupid, and dispenses advice of questionable value :P
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Guy Scrum is a sulky bat, obvs.

I will follow you North in time Mrs. Brite. This is a truth.

Until then, if it would please you to remember me, I beg you, recall of me either that I am of Parabola, or that a part of me was born on the Isle of Cats.

Oh, I would be most honoured if you were to name of your pets after my Sybil! While I’d love it to be a Parabolan Panther, I’d be just as happy with a Parabolan Kitten, or a Bengal Tigress, even.

I should quite like to become your Fraught Research Team.

I would be greatly honored to have one of your Rubbery companions, such as the Rubbery Bellringer, the Rubbery Hound, or the Nacreous Survivor, or perhaps a Fraught Research Assistant, named after my character Ambystoma Maculatum.

It’d be cool to have Johny Topside as the Presbyterian Diplomat, since the Elder Continent is the coolest place in FL that’d be kinda like his dream job. Its up to you of course. Thanks.[li]

Optimatum being remembered as an Unfinished Hat would be quite nice, though if it ends up already chosen a Ghostly Presence would also be wondeful.

I am still at zee, at Approaching Journey’s End 150. Consign my deeds to the abyss by naming the Pirate Poet or Nacreous Survivor “Eternal Zailor.”

Philosophical Raven Advisor as Cassandra Complex?
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I would be honored to write your sonnets of hunger and loss as the Blemmigan Secretary. Because if there are two things I love, it’s mushrooms and writing.

Such a tragedy as Mrs Brite heading North ought to be immortalized in theatre. As such, I ask that you name your Hollow-Eyed Tragedian after me, Mr. Mercutio.

Suinicide as a pink painted cat please.

I request one of your Ravens, if I may. A watchful one if he’s available!

Edit: since many have asked after the Ravens, I would welcome being immortalized as either the Complaisant Frost-Moth or a Stiff Backed Young Lady.
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I’d like to be the Slavering Dream-Hound! (I also considered the Hollow-Eyed Tragedian, but I cede that one to Mr Mercutio.)

Would like to be an Unscrupulous Raven Advisor, if possible.

That is a really cool idea! (Hilariously, I am actually planning to sell as many companions as I could rather than take them with me.)

You should name your favorite Samwise Gamgee, because you’re glad it’s with you, here at the end of all things. =>

I would love to be a Green-Eyed Devil, or perhaps a Ghostly Presence if someone would like to be the Devil more. Best of fortune in your journey North!