North and Seeking in the very beginning?

The dreams always point North and seeking is closely related to going North isn’t it? Doesn’t this mean that going North and seeking were planned in the very beginning of Fallen London? Might not be, I just found it interesting.

Currently, after some point in the game there’s actually nothing to do story-wise. Yes, one can start buying all the top-priced things, start buying fate content but even that ends some time.

Yes, probably. Seeking was around earlier keep in mind, before removal. Mr Eaten is an integral part of the lore, so it makes sense it’d be from the beginning.

Seeking was around for a very long time. Used to be that a particular card at high levels of &quotDreams of Death by Water&quot was the only way to start Seeking. That was back in 2013 or maybe 2012 even.
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