Non-PoSI willing to sacrifice their Making Waves?

I was thinking that since only PoSI really need MW to maintain their Notability, why not have a thread where non-PoSI can volunteer to help out?

Perhaps the idea is silly, but there’s also a chance it could work.

I now have a Patron so I’ll be reserving my Making Waves for them.
edited by Eachna on 7/4/2017

I’m generally a bit astonished how easily MW builds up as a non POSI. I’m willing to give mine up until the day I get my Velocipede! (which I am avoiding, so far…)

I’m willing for any interactions.

I have various alts who can sacrifice.

Delilah Moreo
Marlon JD
Suki Bapsthwaite
Alexei Totkinder