Noman Support Group & Melt Tracking

[quote=RandomWalker]My Noman’s Friend is at 87 with one more visit of the ‘healer’ before the feast starts, so beyond another dramatic ramp up in melt, he should make it that far. I’ll post if anything interesting happens.

Incidentally, I have no plans to keep the thing alive through to the end of the feast, unless some hint is dropped that it would be worthwhile to do so. Can anyone tell me if that ‘flash of light’ that happened last year was at the end of the feast, the beginning or an unrelated event?[/quote]

If I remembe well, it happened after the Feast, for a very brief time (I think few hours, or maybe a single hour? I connected later in the evening and I had missed it altogether).

It was at the end of the feast, and didn’t last more than an hour.

I’m fairly certain it was around for about 2 or 3 hours, and changed every half hour or so, with the pace accelerating towards the end.

Ouch. Thanks for the info, guys. I was toying with the idea that letting the Noman see the flash would be kinda cool, but that would require constant tear grinding throughout the feast (i.e. not participating in the feast) and next to zero chance for me to catch it anyway. Not worth even thinking about it.