No reward?

I am a new player and as I hate vermin I have joined the noble profession of the rat catchers.

Just as the week is drawing to a close I was proud to receive a missive informing me I would find a reward at my lodgings.

Unfortunately… it seems I havent. I dont see any items in my inventory nor any options or cards…

Does anyone know why is this? Is it a bug or is it another issue?

just wait. it arrives much much later. its best if you forget it, it comes eventually.

Once a week, you will be visited by Time, the Healer, among things decreasing your menaces (Wounds/Nightmares/Scandal/Suspicion) and bringing payment for your profession. When this occurs, a storylet should be visible everywhere in London titled A Professional Reward. This will let you claim a reward based on your profession.

Said storylet also has an option to use your Professional Perks, of which you gain one each week up to a max of four. Professional Perks can be used from your inventory as well; they fall under Curiosities. They can give second chances, halve menaces, or with four total can be converted into a Trade Secret, which can raise a stat significantly or be converted into a significant sum.

So its just a matter of waiting. The note comes early but the ‘actual’ thing comes later…

Actually, if you’ve received the note saying “Memory fades; pain departs; rewards arrive! [You may have a Professional Payment waiting at your Lodgings; wounds and other hazards have faded, as has your reputation in the public eye. You may also have received Fleeting Recollections, which will allow you to remove Irrigo, if you have any.] …”, you should have the Professional Reward storylet there…if it’s not there, I think that is worthy of reporting as bug.

Bugs are best reported to or through their bug-reporting website.