No qualifying players! :'(

I’ve been wandering London for many months now and enjoying the adventures quite a bit, but some content seems socially unreachable.

I joined the League of Knife and Candle for a while, for example, but after a month of always being told that there were no suitable players available I eventually turned in my tokens and left. Last week I finally unlocked the Tournament of Lilies and, as I’ve been tending this Neath-cursed plant for many many weeks, was full of excitement… yet again I’m told there are no suitable players available.

Am I doing something wrong? Was I late to the dance? Are these features working as intended?

-Yobgod Ababua, Gentleman Adventurer

You’ll need to add some players as contacts! Here is a decent place to scout out some opponents for Knife and Candle, while this is the thread for the Tournament of Lilies.

You have to add other people in order to invite them. The post office already has a lot on their hands; a send address is greatly appreciated.

Hmm. Good thing I decided to wander into the forums then… it’s oddly meta to require forum use in order to access game content, eh?

It doesn’t require that. It requires either that or running into someone else: In the top right corner, &quotunder who else is here&quot, they list three random recently added journal snippets. this can be used to add them as a contact and get in touch with them, or to just add them to your contacts list as someone else to kill in knife-and-candle.

Every other social action will suggest a suitable player for you to add to your contacts, “someone who’s played recently, hasn’t marked their journal private, and can be invited to this action.” Knife and Candle has always told me that no such players exist. Which is fine I guess, since I’m not really into PvP.

Not to mention that there are lots of other places to find Fallen London players, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and just randomly googling the name.
I had quite a few social contacts before the forum even existed.

In addition to a forum presence, make sure to have a profile link in your signature so people can add you themselves! :P