No more pirates outside of FL?

Is it just me or in Corsair’s gold (The latest patch anyhow) there aren’t anymore pirates outside of FL?

Has Corsair’s Gold been released - I didn’t see anything new on Humble Bundle and loading the game didn’t give me “Get New Stories”

I just downloaded it from Humble Bundle - and, incidentally, just ran into a pirate at Low Barnet, though not immediately after loading my game - it was after sailing to some distant ports and back again.

Yes, it’s up for me. A lot of the UI has been streamlined, you can see how much is in your hold on the upper left now. Doesn’t seem like khan’s shadow is up yet though =/

But hey! New combat options! I will probably never use wild salvo owing to 116 mirror, but flanking speed seems like a good move.
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Just had a go - didn’t try the new combat system. What I do works and experimenting tends to get me killed :)

I haven’t found any new areas yet though some of the old place-holder islands have disappeared and zailing towards where I thought something was gave me a bit of a shock.

New combat system? I downloaded it last night and the combat looked the same. (there’s a new weapon called Wild Salvo though)

I found pirates all right. They did seem a bit less frequent but I wasn’t spending much time hanging around immediately outside FL.
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I didn’t find big differences either (wild salvo excluded)