No more Correspondence Stones?

I have noticed that the expedition needed to get the Correspondence Stones has disappeared.
I have just gotten my first point of a Scholar of the Correspondence through an opportunity card (I forgot to write it down as I did not know it was a new one), but I am finding that a certain storylet in The House of Chimes (I am not directly discussing its contents, so I guess it is okay) has an option that needs the Stones.
Will I be able to get them any other way? Or are they gone for good?

Thank you, delicious friends.

That is curious - and, I admit, I haven’t the foggiest. I believe it’s a very new development, and probably only the devs can tell you at this point.

You can (re)gain the Correspondence Stones!

Go to the University. A gold-bordered opportunity card entitled “The librarian and the stones” is the fortuity you want. You need at least 90 Watchful to draw the card.

Yes, I have drawn the card! Now, I need to grind the Brandy, oh well.

Thank you very much!