No longer able to get the Respectable Landau?

Through a slip of the fingers on the iphone, I occidentally clicked the option ‘continue to rely on other means’, which got rid of my
having transpotation difficulties’ quality. Does that lock me out from getting the Respectable Landau? It’s been long enough that I can’t remember how I got that quality in the first place, so I’ve no idea now how I might actually get the Landau.

Any advice, suggestions or recommendations, fine friends?

You will draw the card to get that quality again eventually.

edit:im not 100% but I think the card was gold bordered too, still, I would check the name of every card before discarding it.
edited by The Master on 5/2/2016

I don’t believe that this locked you out of a Landau - just set you back a bit.

You’ll need to wait again for the &quotNo trace of a hansom&quot gold bordered card. This will allow you to regain the quality &quotHaving transportation difficulties&quot, and you’ll again get the option to progress this in the Bazaar side-streets.

Many thanks my good sirs! Now to be patient and hope that the card appear sometime soon.