No crime or punishment?

Good day to all do-no-gooders. Is the conflict card Crime or Punishment gone or am I just unlucky? I am getting all the other conflict cards almost as soon as I get to 5 favours, but I haven’t seen this one for a couple of weeks now, even though I am sitting at 7 criminal favours and over 100 connected constables.

Assuming you have the right requirements, You’re probably just unlucky.

The card is listed as Very Infrequent frequency. Given the randomness factor and the large player base, it’s quite likely that some players won’t see such cards for weeks (if not months) at a time, while other players happen to encounter them more frequently.

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I received that card last week, so it’s definitely active. The new Favor-based conflict cards seem to have lower frequency in general. Probably because the new ones seem to actually be a punishment (and are non-discardable!), while the old-style conflict cards were basically a benefit.

The new ones are actually quite profitable, so the lower frequency might have more to do with limiting income. Though they are admittedly a pain if you’re just trying to grind Renown/Connections with multiple factions at once.

I think they’re also trying to create strategic trade-offs. Do you trade in Tomb Colonist Favours to cash in Collections of Curiosity, or do you hold onto them hoping the conflict card with Society shows up soon? If you draw the Constables vs. Rubbery Men conflict card, do you play it to get rid of it, or do you hold onto it, hoping you’ll get a chance to use the more profitable Revolutionaries vs. Rubbery card?

And the old style cards were more of an annoyance clogging up your deck than a benefit for the most part. Ironically, in some cases, they’re now just about the only substantial means of raising certain connections with any speed (looking at you, Urchins).

I drew it this morning and the requirements were the same as ever. It felt like it took a long time to get it, but I always feel like that when my hand fills with Criminal favor cards I can’t play.

Implausible Penance/Merry Crime are still profitable* if you happen to draw them with extra favor cards already in your hand. I do that to keep my hand from filling with criminal stuff while waiting for crime or punishment.

*exception being the Alluring Accomplice card; she’s only profitable to get a favor from if you use it with Crime or Punishment.
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