No background music

The first thing that charmed me, and made me register for this game was the music. After going to the registration page the music stopped, and it doesn’t even start when I am playing the game.[li]

I use Comodo Dragon btw. Thank you for your time.

… Um? Are you talking about Sunless Sea or Fallen London? They are two separate games set in the same universe. Fallen London is blissfully silent, to enable sneaky playing at work. Sunless Sea, in contrast, has gorgeous music, and I’m suspecting is what you’re referring to.

Sunless Sea is in Beta, and you can’t play for a little longer unless you are a Kickstarter backer at the appropriate level.
If you want it on Steam, though, go to the Greenlight page. Steam Greenlight::Sunless Sea
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I am referring to Fallen London. And btw, I voted Yes for Sunless Sea on Steam Greenlight :)

[color=#009900]Konig - there’s no background music at all in Fallen London, I’m afraid. Possibly you still had a tab open on the Sunless Sea music?[/color]
[color=#009900](and thanks for your vote. :) )[/color]

Oh well. Maybe when Sunless Sea will be released, which I am looking forward to, we’ll also have access to the soundtrack. I’ll just keep a tab open with the soundtrack and carry on playing Fallen London.

Failbetter Games definitely have quality games.