Greetings all,

I have just started playing and am very quickly going mad with nightmares. I see that others are giving them away so i have 6 that you are welcome to have…BUT if you could please let me know how to give them to you.

Thanking you in advance

You’re currently at Nightmares 6? In that case, in your Lodgings:
Find a way to deal with your Nightmares -> Invite a friend over to Confess your Fears
Send about 5 or 6 of those my way, and that should help clear up your Nightmares.
(You’ll need Sudden Insights to send those, so if you don’t have enough, send a chess invite.)[b]


Edit: Kittenpox beat me to it. Serves me right for leaving a tab open to age, I suppose.
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edited by M. Cinder on 5/2/2016

(Note: The social action only appears at your Lodgings when you have Nightmares at 4 or more, but if you’ve sent actions they can still be accepted if your Nightmares are between 0->7. Which is why I’m saying send about 5 or 6 of them at once, Cheryl. ^_^ )

Oh, I don’t mind if we share the load, M.Cinder. That’s no problem at all. :-)
I’m just in a position where I’ll soon have a way to dump a whole load of Nightmares down to 0, so me gaining Nightmares isn’t a problem for the next week or so. :-)
Or, if you’re specifically wanting Nightmares, I can easily send some your way. Just let me know how much you’re after so I don’t flood you with the stuff. :-p
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Thanks guys, Kittenpox ive sent a few confess your fears your way and also some chess invites to get some more sudden insights. M. Cinder, unsure of your username to invite ingame to but thank you for your help anyway.

Slowly starting to get the hang of everything :D

I’m also M. Cinder there. I don’t exactly need Nightmares right now due to me using City Vices: Graffiti on the walk to grind for Impossible Theorem, but it is more or less trivial for me to get rid of.