I need to raise my nightmares to five for one of the last few steps in PoSI. Unfortunately I sort of got kicked out of the University and I can’t find any watchful challenges of high enough difficulty to fail. Is there a way that I can get nightmares quickly? Maybe through social actions? I have not really done any of the menace sharing in the past.
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Head over to the Forgotten Quarter and hunt for curios, looking for more evidence of the Correspondence.

If you aren’t Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name, accepting a betrayal from one who is will /substantially/ increase your Nightmares, and help a Seeker along his/her/its incredibly foolish and destructive path. Head over to this thread: to announce your intent.
Warning: This will begin your own search for Mr Eaten’s Name, which the Bazaar would like to inform you is the worst of all possible ideas and you shouldn’t do it. If you’re the type who’s into forbidden lore at any cost, though…

thanks! Worked like a charm