Nightmares 24 in The Catafalquerie

I had gathered that Opening a Casket With a Familiar Name had a random reward, but I thought I’d test to see if it might possibly be linked to one’s current level of Nightmares. Clearly I should have trusted those who came before, because now I have Nightmares at 24 and it only got me 1 Extraordinary Implication.

For those who are curious, when I staggered out of the Nadir my Nightmares dropped to 6.
edited by silasilent on 12/24/2014

Hm, I thought it was linked. You got as many as you had nightmares, but nightmares doubled. And yeah, you are not the first person to get that high in Nightmares from Catafalquerie.
edited by Fhoenix on 12/24/2014

Interesting. When I got to Nightmares 14 in the Nadir, leaving dropped it by only about 2 levels.

the drop in nightmares i believe is different depending on which leave you take