Nex Purchase with Debit Card?

As in the title suggests, I have been trying to buy Nex with my debit card through the Fallen London Nex Page but with no success. Is this option not currently available or can this only be done with credit cards? Just wanted to ask before I tried.

edited by Owen Wulf on 3/11/2014

It works fine with debit cards, maybe you just don’t have enough in your account?

I definitely have more than $5…

Maybe message Failbetter and ask directly?

I’ll keep trying then. Thank you.

Are you entering your card number and expiration date correctly? It is kind of picky.
I don’t remember which combination is the correct one, but try these:
Card number: with spaces included/excluded (1234 5678 … vs. 12345678)
Expiration date: with/without leading zeroes (if your month or day of month is single digit). If both day and month are single digit, try all four combinations: 1/1, 01/1, 1/01, 01/01.
One of those combinations works. Others don’t. I think.

Also be sure that, if you have any javascript blocker (like NoScript), you have javascript allowed for Otherwise the thing will pretend that a completely unrelated error occurred.

[color=#C2B280]Owen – if you haven’t already, could you send an email to with the text of any error message and how far through the process you get before experiencing the problem? We should be able to take a look this afternoon.

It’s also possible to buy Nex via SuperRewards, using a link on the Nex page. That might allow you to get round the problem.[/color]