nex offers problems

I have a little problem: I have done 2 offers in Fallen London, and still no nex! Even after 2 days. When do you usually receive them?

You can check the status of these offers by clicking Get Help at the top right of the Nex purchase box. If it is viewed without awarding the Nex then this means the offer decided that you didn’t meet the specifications for receiving it. You may contest this by clicking help, but you’ll want to have proof that you did indeed meet the requirements as stated by the offer.

It says viewed and pending. I had to give like on facebook. But I don’t have my facebook account connected to the game. Maybe this is the problem?

It isn’t, but if you want to connect your FB account with the game you definitely can. Then take screenshots of those pages to show that you have liked them, since I don’t believe the offers you mentioned pay out.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 12/2/2012

Yeah, the offers can be iffy on the payouts. Best ones I’ve seen are game/site sign-ups and video entries.

Definitely make sure you don’t download anything from there. Almost guaranteed a Trojan Horse of some sort.

[color=#009900]Ambrose66 - I’ve responded to your support ticket. Sorry for the hassle.[/color]
[color=#009900]Some things about SuperRewards and free offers…[/color]
[color=#009900]- We don’t deal with offers directly, so it’s always best to contact SuperRewards. But do follow up with us if they start playing support Werewolf with you.[/color]
[color=#009900]- We can however block abusive or problematic offers on a case by case basis. (For the record, we’ve already chosen the settings that translate as ‘least dodgy offers please’.) So please do mail us at or if anything is genuinely abusive.[/color]

I’ve gotten over a hundred Nex from 36 offers, but I’ve had to contact SuperRewards support for all but 12 of them. Now whenever I complete an offer, it’s standard procedure for me to take a snapshot of either the installed program, the “survey finished” splashpage, or what have you, and then send in a support message when the offer doesn’t go through. Best of luck! :)