Newly POSI, Irritated by "gentle beauty"

I’ve gotten just a wealth of gold borders, so many things I can earn and do.

And then there are these, the past relationships turning into cards that I could marry.

Though I intend to do a player marriage when they stop being useless.

On the other hand, I really really hate to throw away an opertunity with the snub options. Is there anything I can do to just … PARK them for a while?

Not that I found. They are both incredibly persistent. I snubbed one and married the other (it didn’t work out and we parted company) and they both hate me, apparently, and won’t forget my betrayal. But as they hate me quietly and I don’t have to see them every 30 seconds, I don’t care.

If you play the opp card, they move to the Sidestreets, but then you can just leave them there forever. That removes them from your deck without having to worry about lost opportunity if you ever decide that you actually really want to marry the jewel thief for some reason.

You don’t actually enter into a commitment with the model/thief right away if you pick the option to restart the relationship. It just moves them from your opportunity deck to the Bazaar Sidestreets. They’ll park there, and you can still pursue player marriage without hurting their feelings (oddly). Also, it gets rid of the Model’s City Vices card as well.

Edit: Yeah, like the above said.
edited by Rackenhammer on 1/23/2015

Oh, VERY nice. I might move out of my dripstone temple if that makes it quiet enough…

Ah. Ignore me, then. Apparently I didn’t look hard enough.

(Although, if my ill-starred marriage is anything to go by, you’d not be missing much. Took me for a fortune, the wastrel.)