Newcomer: Lost a week's worth of playtime echoes

[quote=RpTheHotrod]Thanks for all the info. There’s a lot of good info, actually…and a fantastic community. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a game for me. Today, I spent some fate to unlock what was claimed on the card to be permanent access to the university…I go to the university, and considering it’s just another location, I test the waters on what options I have there and suddenly, I lose the quality of having access to the university. So, in reality, it wasn’t permanent access, despite the claim it was permanent…and that was after forking over some real life cash. I’ve never been a fan of bait-and-switch techniques, and especially so when real money is involved.
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An unfortunate incident, perhaps you should report it to the devs? In the meantime, this game is very much about time investment as well as your own personal investment into the story. You go through what your character goes through, a large narrative with delicious plot twists and a fascinating mythology. Fallen London may seem tough at first, and it is always advised to avoid spending Fate needlessly, but it gets more enjoyable as time progresses. At any rate, playing the game itself is free so there is no negative against not playing it for months on end and then coming back later if you feel so inclined.

There is also a support forum for Fate Unlocked Content where you can ask for advice on whether or not you should buy something. It is quite useful, although of course people need to be a little vague when it comes to the details. Fate (and Nex) are very important and should only be spent on important events and choices, among which quickly entering the University is not one such. If you have any questions please just mail me on the forums and I will see if I can help.

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Yeah, I don’t think the fate option would be temporary access only. That’d be rather unfair. Do send a bug report.

I am certain Fate options are permanent unlocks. Are you sure that the University is not open to you on the map?

Yeah, if something doesn’t do what it explicitly said it would do, that’s a bug! You’ll want to report that to with as much detail as possible.

[color=#C2B280]I’ve checked the card in question and it very definitely gives the Route: The University quality. It turns out, though, that there is one way to lose the Route later – it involves failing an optional branch in the Nemesis ambition that’s flagged as risky (and where it makes considerable sense within the fiction). I think there’s an oceanic gulf between this and ‘bait-and-switch techniques’, but we prefer not to frustrate our players (unless they’re Seekers) and it’s possible we’ll tone down the consequences a bit.[/color]