New Spouse activities

I want to click them but I don’t know often I can do them.

You mean the options in “Attend to Matters of the Heart”? They’re not actually that new, and just like all the other social actions that cost 1 Free Evening, you can do them 5x/week, since your stockpile of 5 Free Evenings gets replenished every week with Time: the Healer.

Weird I never noticed them in matters of the heart and I received messages that my spouse wanted to do various activities and then they appeared as gold storylets at the top of my page everywhere.

That’s because your spouse sent them to you. When you send them, they will appear in their storylet section as well.

The trick of it is my spouse is the cultured attaché.

Now I’m confused. My spouse is the Cultured Attaché and I’ve never seen such gold border storylet, and everything under Attend to Matters of the Heart is for romance between player characters so I can’t use them. I do occasionally draw a white border card, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re talking about.

Except… are you currently Seen With another player? it’s a story quality indicating you’re in a romantic relationship with another player, but separate from marriage.

For those of who who are married to Non-Player Characters, such as Cultured Attaché, Celebrated Artist’s Model, etc., they can’t send such things to you.

For those of you who are married to a Player Character (which is to say, real live people), yes, they can, if they want to, and the options are in your Lodgings under the storylet ‘Attend to Matters of the Heart!’
edited by Vivienne Thursday on 11/10/2018

I wasn’t seen with another player I’m grayed out for matters of romance to be seen with someone I think there was just a bug I did two activities and probably won’t ever have access to them again. Oh well. I was hoping it was new activities for npc spouses.