New Salon option!

Invite a Crooked-Cross to address your Salon
No other salon would entertain so controversial a speaker.
This will invite a friend to speak at your Salon if they have the appropriate Profession. Make sure they come, or you’ll look like a fool!

While I’m here, requires scheme 6.

Your contact will see this message:

ICountFrom0, courting controversy, has invited you to speak at their salon. They say you can choose your subject…

Fame, of a sort

You advertise carefully: by informing only a select few, from whom you extort terrible oaths of secrecy. Immediately, it becomes the most notorious and desired event in the city. Everyone claims they’re going, whether to listen, to mock, or to protest.

Scandal is increasing… (looks like one point)
Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon has dropped to 9 - Recognised! (was at 10)

Octavius DeWinter’s talk is neither puerile nor scandalous. It is founded on questions; questions you had not previously thought to ask. Your guests are enthralled and leave less certain - of many things - than they arrived.
Making Waves has increased to 23! (was 11 I think)
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A Salon is not the same as a Saloon.

I fixed up the title for you. ^^

YAY! thank the mods!

I for one would be perfectly happy with opening a Saloon, where I could invite all manner of rough and rowdy acquaintances and contacts to partake of the cheapest Greyfields money can buy, knock over a few tables, and sing ANYTHING BUT THAT B____Y ONE ABOUT THE WEASELS.

The new Orphanage option is in my hand and doesn’t seem to have any air requirement. It only needs 1 x Orphanage and Scheme 6. Does the Salon option also have air requirement?

Well… Storynexus doesn’t do secret quality requirements. If the option is Airs dependent it will have an Airs icon in the quality requirements.

I have the Salon in my hand right now. It does not require a specific Airs.

EDIT: And I’d also be interested to invite a Crooked Cross to address my Salon, if anybody is looking to do so. Perhaps people can post in this thread if they want an invite, like Correspondents are doing in the other thread.
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What I tend to do in that situation (if I find the Airs have changed unfavourably) is find my favourite Unfinished Business action, do that and then check if I’ve got the Airs I wanted. If it’s not what I’m after, I repeat as necessary until it cycles back around to the one I need. ^_^
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I’m a correspondent. You’re probably one too. My wife is. And a couple of friends. Plus that guy, and her over there. Also, that thing. Definitely corresponding a bit.

We’re all bloody correspondents!

It’s a wonder the stars get any peace, never mind the poor orphans.

I bet there aren’t many folk with Crooked Cross profession offering their services to those with a ‘Saloon’ though…

I’ve been mindlessly clicking the scrap option everytime that Orphanage appears in my hand. What is the new option?

I’m a crooked cross

One of my alts., Kazuko, is a Crooked Cross. ( My main, alas, is a Correspondent.

I am not a crook(-ed cross).

Oh shoot, I lied.

If you need someone who is easily offended by accusations of cheating, or who’ll break a stool over someones back, or play a jaunty tune on an old-timey piano only to suddenly stop when a stranger comes in, I’m your man/man-analogue (manalogue).
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As requested by Szadovar who sent Kazuko (my alt) to speak at a salon, the results of accepting:

&quotThe guests at Szadovar (Szadovar in Fallen London)'s salon are rapt. They eat your words like the apple from the tree. Making Waves has increased to [number here]! You’ve gained 10 x Intriguing Snippet (new total [number here]). You’ve gained 10 x Romantic Notion (new total [number here]).&quot

[number here] will vary from person to person, depending on the original number of the items they had.
edited by Lady Strange on 7/3/2015

And my Making Waves increased to 22 (with 13 additional cp) - before it was either 11 or 12 (but definately with 0 additional cp). The text is

Thank you for posting these (and accepting the invitation).
edited by Szadovar on 7/3/2015