New Rob a Drunk?

there was recently a post about changing the rewards for robbing a drunk in Spite.

Did they just change the primordial shriek rewards? Or did they also change the reward for robbing a drunk Ratus Faber?

I’m grinding robbing the rat in the hopes of getting a ratwork watch. Does anyone know if that is still possible? If so, any idea on the drop rate? Would I be better just buying a watch?

Only the drunk was changed. He doesn’t cycle Airs of London anymore, and he drops more varied bundles (honey, amber, and something I’m forgetting). The rat still drops the same rewards. I’ve never received a watch, but I never robbed her very often. If you want a more concrete info source, the wiki is the place to go.
edited by dismallyOriented on 3/17/2014

It’s still possible to get primordial shrieks from the drunk, just not all the time. I think what they did is simply widen the pool of values for the bundle of oddities.