New professions!

So it seems Failbetter games got around to releasing those new professions that you could find in the game but not unlock.[li]edited by Blackleaf on 11/13/2013[/li]
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Alright, Sorry. If anyone does happen to have any other proffesion than Agent or Stalker please message me or Spacemarine9 with what it upgrades to.

[color=#009900]Yes, they’ll be live soon. :) Admin edit: please avoid posting text dumps, especially unspoilered. Talking about or quoting excerpts of content is fine.[/color][li]
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I wonder if an Undermanager can upgrade and become an Orifice. Or perhaps an Ellsworth-Beast-Major. (Have I already made that joke?) In fact, I see &quotNotary&quot and &quotDoctor&quot have appeared in the Professions mouseover list - those sound like solid, respectable and rather dull upgrades for Undermanagers and Tutors. I like that, in addition to all the different, bizarre and adventurous Profession paths, we have a distinction between the business middle class and the professional middle class.

Some of these advanced careers are terribly abstruse. I mean, it’s odd enough at the present level, with Conjurer not simply being a stage-performer of the Glass, but rather referring to one who plays tricks on society and makes confidences, treasures and perceptions disappear. And now we have the Midnighter, following the footsteps of the deity’s own spy. What next indeed? Still, I like the balance between the everyday Professions and the eldritch professions - between the notary sojac and the etaoin shrdlu, if you will. Ia! Ia! Etaoin shrdlu fhtagn! Cmfgyp dolor sit amet wbvkxj adipisci velit qz!

I wonder, does the Doctor profession come with a screwdriver?

What - I just finished grinding menaves and confessions and I have to start grinding Making Waves? Wonderful! And terrible T.T But mostly wonderful, yes.

What does Agent evolve into, Midnighter?

Also: I lol’d at Frederick’s post XD

[quote=streetfelineblue]What - I just finished grinding menaves and confessions and I have to start grinding Making Waves? Wonderful! And terrible T.T But mostly wonderful, yes.

What does Agent evolve into, Midnighter?

Also: I lol’d at Frederick’s post XD[/quote]
Yep. Alexis ate the list of things i had written down. Id reccomend checking the &quotIm a candle&quot blog. It will probably be updated with this.[li]

Delighted to amuse! (I should append to my own nonsense that, though it sounds fearfully dull, &quotnotary sojac&quot is genuine deliberate mystery of a mild sort, while both lorem ipsum and etaoin shrdlu are just practical filler-script of no particular importance. Which is the more mystical of the two forms of enigma… who can say.)

As for the matter at hand, Agent appears to evolve into Midnighter, yes. So that leaves us with four 3rd-tier Professions with evolutions to find. And what ten remaining potential 4th- and 5th-tier evolutions. That said, they’re all just lateral enough that I’m not sure I’d like to chance any guesses.

Im gonna miss my +9 watchful when i become a midnighter :C

No saying that there won’t be an advanced Profession item for Midnighters with an even nicer Watchful boost!

Yeah but it seems more shadowy based now.[li]

The item it provides will probably still give a boost to Watchful and Shadowy. Maybe +12 to both stats? Maybe more? I dunno!
I have Notability 4 at the minute… Hopefully the option will unlock before Time the Healer calls around again!

How much making waves do you need for straightforward on increasing notability? I have 18 RDB

Yeah but it seems more shadowy based now.[/quote]

Watcher and Agent both gave equal Watchful and Shadowy boosts - I don’t see any reason why that would change for Midnighter. Its name refers to the darkness of the night, sure, but in the context of secret knowledge as much as secret treasure.

I would fathom that the “holy transition from the owned to the unwoned” refers to the Shadowy part of the activity, and the “unseen to the seen” refers to the Watchful part.

Then again, MAN! That’s a lot of Making Waves to grind, and my Scheme: A Salon isn’t even up to 20 yet T.T

Just spam dinner invitations like hell. Later betray some unfortunate sods that arnt likely to murder you.

Someone is going to be a doctor? Who?

(Would you believe it? ONLY NOW I caught the reference XD)

Author advances to Correspondent, by the way. It deals with matters of the Correspondence, of course.

Damn. This makes a difficult choice wether i want to become a midnighter or Correspondent.[li]

There’s a &quotCorrespondent&quot profession? Oh my. I’ve constantly been complaining about the lack of a doctor/scientist profession, but now I no longer care. Who needs science when you can have eldritch magic?[li]
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Well, there’s a Doctor profession too, anyway ^^

Where is this list of possible professions exactly?