New Player Here

Hi guys. I just started playing Fallen London and it looks quite intriguing and right up my alley.

I already read the sticky for new players and it was quite helpful. My main takeaway was to just enjoy where the game takes me and not worry too much about the choices I make. I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

I did have one question though relating to the journal. I tend to easily forget things I’ve done in a game and this seems to be an excellent feature for people like me to refresh my memory after a break. However, if I record everything I see, then I think the journal would become too cluttered and would be a chore to peruse.

My question for you guys is how do you use your journal? Is there a specific reason for you to choose to record something or not to record something?

Hello again everyone and I look forward to seeing where this story takes me. :)

I tend to use my journal for big events (major events in big stories such as Ambition or getting through out of a location) or for when I want to show another player text. This leads to a very small amount in my journal.

I use mine to record practically everything at least once, and then also comment on whatever happened. I don’t usually use it to remind myself of the stories, partially because of the journal’s cumbersome navigation and lack of searchability, but mostly because I keep the game in my mind and therefore don’t lose track of the gist of the stories.