New Player; Help?

Not sure if this is the place to post this…

Hi there! I’m a new player, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to walk me through things? Have to admit, I’m kind of lost…

there is an help tab in game, did you read it ?

it should already answer a lot of your questions ^^

Assuming you’re using the browser version of Fallen London, as opposed to the iPhone app, the Help tab (across the top, on the right side) should have helpful information, as Flynneldariel suggested. :-)

While I would advise against relying on the wiki(s) too much, especially for new players, this link may also be useful to you:'s_Guide

If you’ve got more specific questions, don’t be afraid to add them here and I’m sure many of the forum users would be happy to help out. ^_^

One thing I would advise, though, is don’t worry about racing ahead. There’s plenty out there, and while some stories become unlocked as you progress, others will close off and become obsolete once you’ve reached certain points in the game. Explore, try new things, and resist the temptation to rush ahead towards some imaginary finish line - you’ll only miss out on a bunch of stuff if you do that. ^_^

PS:- There’s a thing in the game that was recently made available again, called Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name (or SMEN, for short). The in-game warnings are there for a very good reason. Do not attempt this, especially if this is your first time playing Fallen London.

Bit on the rush so I’ll just post a link to one of my old posts to add among Kittenpox’s information.

Hello! I’ve links to both the new player group and the find friends for social actions thread in my signature.

  • Record everything in your Journal. There’s no reason not to, after all.[/li][li]Don’t be too quick to sell items. I recommend selling at most half of the items you get, and only the ones you are sure you’ll get more of. You can also decide on a size of stockpile to keep, selling any items you get after you’ve hit that quantity.[/li][li]Buy all the items you can. Even apparently useless things often have hidden value, and equipping items is essential for getting ahead in the game.[/li][li]Consider tackling each story thread one at a time. That’s my preferred method of play, but you can explore Fallen London however you want.[/li][li]Choose an Ambition. While it is true that you can’t feasibly change your decision, all of them are interesting and awesome. I highly recommend just choosing whatever sounds coolest to you, or emphasizes stats that embody your playstyle.[/li][li]Send and receive requests to people, if you want. There’s nothing wrong with staying out of the social actions, but everyone is usually happy to help if asked. If you can invite me to something, feel free to do so.[/li][li]DO NOT SEEK THE NAME. Most games will tell you not to do something to emphasize difficulty. This is not the case here. SMEN will destroy you and everything you love, beyond the point you’d expect games to stop for fairness or mechanical reasons.[/li][li]Savor the game. Consider the story that unfolds, think about what it means, theorize as to the nature of the Fallen London universe. The game rewards you for deeply contemplating what it says, and it can reveal hidden depths if the player applies their knowledge of history and literature to the mysteries of the lore. You can also just enjoy the story if you prefer not to spend too much time thinking about it. It won’t leave you in the dark for doing so. Well, not figuratively.

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I agree with all of the above. In particular, though, I’d like to emphasize not playing too fast. Even the most mundane storylets in Fallen London have marvelous text, and you should not miss out on any of that text by being eager to see &quotwhat happens&quot and what items you get. (I speak as one who has done that way too often.)

One other piece of advise. Read these Forums from time to time, and don’t be afraid to send Social Actions to players who have said they want them for their characters. Most of the players I enjoy interacting with the most are people I have never met in real life and whose real names I don’t even know, but I’ve enjoyed spending time with them all the same, in the context of the game and of these Forums.
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