New player help- cheery man?

So I just recently started playing fallen London, but came accrost a quest/story/minor lateral that is kinda confusing me… i talked with the cheery man at watchmakers hill and got on the cheeryman quest he told me about the constable, but said nothing about what to do next…
my family and law quality went up to 1, and Your 'The Cheery Man and the Last Constable Quality is now 2 - Favouring the Cheery Man! but i have no idea what to do next to progress this story…i see the constable in Ladybones road but having the family and law quality makes it so that i cant interact with her. Will something just pop up later? or did i miss something? Anyways sorry if this post out of order or in the wrong place. Anyways thanks for the help.

Cards will start to pop up which will allow you to interact with the Cheery Man.

You unlock the bits of this story slowly–like just the Grubby Urchin or the journalists in Spite or your Benefactor. The bits of this story unlock with “Getting to Know Cobblestone Rogues and Back-Alley Saints,” and you may need to raise your main stats as well to unlock the next piece. You get the Cobblestone Rogues… from a lot of different early storylets; if you’re eager to get on with the story, find something that gives you it and build it back up to 5 (or 6? I don’t remember exactly what it has to be). The next piece will come up soon. (I think there are like 4 or 5 pieces to this story?)

Your Cheery Man and the Last Constable Quality is a quality to keep track of whose side you’re on in this little feud. Since you picked the Cheery Man originally you are locked out of helping the constable at the moment, but I think you may be able to switch sides later if you choose. Keep your eye out for the next storylet and check all the options.

Have you encountered the Sallow Spirifer and the Blind Pianist yet? Their story works the same way, and they are found in–I believe–Veilgarden and Spite.