New Orphanage option - inviting Midnighters

Imagine my surprise when after logging to FL I found an invitation to speak at an Orphanage - this I can safely say I didn’t expect.

[quote=]You turn your secrets into thrilling ghost stories; of Forbidden Masks, the Many-Faceted Man, the Tattoo-Head. [Friend]'s orphans listen with rapt attention, eyes wide. When they begin to whisper, you raise a finger to your lips. Shhh.
Making Waves is increasing…
Connected: The Great Game is increasing…
You’ve gained 15 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip[/quote]
edited by Szadovar on 7/19/2015

Wouldn’t you believe I had created this page on the wikia not an hour ago. Adding this text now.

Believe me, it was quite the pleasant surprise to me when I drew the card. I had wondered what the text from your side looked like. Mine was:

For reference, I believe my MW was…28? Close to that.

When are monster hunters finally going to get the recognition we deserve? I feel like us dangerous folks get left out…

Maybe all the professions are slowly being added as options for either Orphanages and Salons?

I suppose a Glassman such as myself would best be suited to appearing as part of a Salon. The tales of what occurs behind the mirrors would be quite the talk of such a gathering, though I admit inducting the young into such secrets has no small appeal as well.

I wonder. I seem to remember reading that they had plans/ideas for other schemes, and they may want to save some profession invites for those (or they could just double up).

I saw this a couple days go on my Orphanage. Adding more profession invite options is unreservedly awesome.

Also, I thought the text was very cool indeed.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I got exactly 200 cp MW from this.

Both parts of the text are quite interesting - and make me wish I could hear those stories myself…

Certainly possible. I’m somewhat curious what would the texts for Licentiates be…

You get wickedly cool, peligin eyes - why do you complain? ;P

Cool. I’m available if someone wants to invite me for a children party. I promise not to take TOO many souls…

My alt Xanthippe ( is a Midnighter and would be available to frighten, er… educate children.

What I find most disappointing about the Salon options (so far) is that only two players can participate. For most actions and relationships that makes sense, but the whole idea of a Salon is more pluralistic than that.

For instance, what if I wanted to attend somebody’s salon? That should require we be acquainted, cost me some resources (if only a free evening) and certainly make some waves for the host. If I were a highly Notable figure, then that should bode all the better for their gathering, although probably increasing my own expectations. If the guest of honor declines the invitation, that should be scandalous indeed, particularly if the host is embarrassed in front of many Notable acquaintances.