New options for seekers

I invite all seekers sufficiently advanced on the quest to check the new options under &quotThe seeking road&quot at their lodgings[li]

It seems like these options become more difficult based on your Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name quality.

So perhaps this is how one would progress SMEN? I confess, I rather liked the opportunity cards.

Can’t wait to try these options, at any rate.

There is an option wich needs ambition:enigma at 7. Perhaps we will get an ambition focused on looking for the name ?

Enigma has been a developer’s joke for a long time. I am rather dubious of it actually being obtainable, no matter what Alexis says.

Also - does anyone know how I can get Melancholy to 10? The only way I know of is Tear-huffing.[li]
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“You regret what happened” on Cheesemonger No More will get you to 9… no clue on that last point, though.

I somehow have a Melancholy of 19. I have no idea how I got it that high; possibly I did it before quirks were capped? I remember that huffing Tears still increased it even at my high level, though, so you can try that.

(Also: Yay, quirks are being used for something finally!)

I have 6, but most of the places I had been getting Melencoly from have gotten capped at this point. Everything else is a red or purple chance 0.0

If you have the Fate you can raise Melancholy in the Iron Republic.

Hmm. I’ll have to try that when I go there, eventually.

In the meantime - I notice that the ‘deal with your hunger’ storylet is back? Some of the options seem to be missing, though. Shame. I liked the variety - it was more flavorful, no pun intended.

Still grumpy at myself for pulling out of the quest at SMEN7 It was an impulsive choice that I have regretted ever since. grumps still, very glad to see things might be moving again soon. I shall repent! I shall begin again! The Name will be known!

Oh my, those look interesting. I think I’ll want to follow the correspondence route.

You need Ambition: Enigma 7

Warning: this will lock you out of any alternative Enigma paths.


Well, what if it is, still, but in double ifs, like … you know. [i]iF they know we come round THIS way then what If they think we KNOW and so WE … :D

sidenote: I’m actually pretty thrilled to get, so-to-speak, first hand evidence of Mr.Kennedy not leaving his most enthralling project. I AM HAPPY that there was just a brief shocking, like getting an unexpected icecube thrown in the eye… nothing seems to have chilled his brain …yet. GOOD NEWS … for anyone taking an interest in BAD ONES.

…yup, i do. and lark.[li]
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There is evidence. He said he was working on enigma in another post. He said he was making it for real[li] and
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Yes, we know now; people have found it.

Last time I looked it up on wiki, everything was unknown or capped below 10.
Does anybody know where &quotpick out a sapphire&quot in empire’s adornments caps out?

xKiv, “Pick Out a Sapphire” caps at Melancholy 5, I just tried it. :)