New Moods

Has anyone else come across any of these yet. I played “A Dusty Bookshop” card and got As Cool as Ice which is a temporary +30 Shadowy!

Really!? Come to think of it, I don’t really need higher stats for most challenges, though…

Well my shadowy isn’t maxed and it definitely gave me a run at the Box of Intrigue with guaranteed success which, given the new difficulty levels, made a change. Couldn’t think of anything else shadowy which needed the stat boost off hand.

I wonder what the other options give.

It will be interesting to find out. I must admit that I usually discard it and only decided to play it because it normally/used to give a small shadowy increase. Just have to wait for it to turn up again I suppose.

I got one which gave me +30 Dangerous. There are four options on the card, which means one for each quality I assume.

I have yet to see any of these new options.

I’ve had the bookshop card give me two different +30 boosts so far.

I have to say, it’s a quite nice improvement, shame it only lasts an hour.

Which does mean you should use it tactically and wait till your actions are full before playing it.

I had this recently on the ''A little omen" card; good to see that the some of the older cards are being reworked to provide new rewards like this! Think the frequency might have been turned down though, unless I’m just being unlucky…

I have yet to see any of these new options.[/quote]
The options are all the same. They just give you new rewards. The bookshop (not the lodging) and the “A little omen” card both.

I’ve got to try the Persuasive one after I get the Capering Relicker. I’m dying to know what “something secret” is!

That’s a great idea. Keep us updated.

Doing the same, I’ve got the relickers card. In my hand, just trying to draw a mood card. It’s taking forever, too. I want to be the first to get the secret thing!

I don’t think I’m in the running - haven’t ground my skills up high enough yet. Let me know what you get!

I’ve received a Dangerous +30 bonus one or two weeks ago but couldn’t actually do anything with it. Also I don’t remember where I got it from.
My alt character would’ve greatly appreciated it though!

I think this option is the one that gives Dangerous +30 now.
Or it could be the pirate one…
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[quote=Fhoenix]I think this option is the one that gives Dangerous +30 now.
Or it could be the pirate one…
edited by Fhoenix on 3/17/2013[/quote]

Pirate is shadowy; I guess we could add the item to the wiki, just so we know what stats it has. We just lack the image.

I haven’t seen the dusty bookshop nor a little omen for a few weeks. Does anyone know another way of obtaining a mood?

Me neither. I’m beginning to think they no longer appear at high levels or something.

I’ve seen them both within the past week or so, while at the stat caps or damn near - I think they’re just super-rare now. Unfortunately, drew and used the Little Omen before I had cause to test whether its Persuasive option was restricted.

Edited to add that it looks like the Persuasive restriction on the Dusty Bookshop has been considerably lightened; yay!
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