New Merchandise At The Bazaar!

Memories of Light can now be sold at the Bazaar, &quotdue to certain metapolitical events&quot. But not for Echos, oh no - for 50 Cryptic Clues a piece![li]

I’ve tried this and sold a few Memories of Light. Each time I got 50 pence and zero Cryptic Clues, despite what the text says.[/li][li]

The Bazaar said I got pennies, but I did actually get the Clues and not Echoes.
edited by Spacemarine9 on 12/8/2013

Huh, you are right, they can… Text upon selling: &quotYou’ve seen the light of Parabola! Tell me more…&quot And it gives 25 Cryptic Clues, not 50, but says 25 pence earned.

OK, ‘certain metapolitical events’ has me stumped. Anybody? brought Rats of Glory that can eat your Candles and Luminosity items. Seems only fair that people can now sell them as a precaution.[li]

Edit because I can’t spell.
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