New level caps!

Yes, yes there are.

Heh, whoops! I missed the announcement - thanks!

New levels perhaps means new content on the way. Was not the case before when they raised it but this time they added some interesting new perks along with it. Me? I want to hunt the Vake, and I will nail it’s skin to my wall no matter how long I have to wait!


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There is some new content for POSI’s check out the Unfinished Business storylets. You need un-boosted stats of 200 to use the option though and can only pick one.

How lucky I was to own over 400 Confident Smiles… (and leftover Notability from becoming a Correspondent) I used them to get to 200 Persuasive in a few hours, and now I’m a Person of Some Importance - A Legendary Charisma! :)[li]

It doesn’t seem to have and benefits yet, but I’m sure it will have, some day soon.
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Congratulations and welcome to the club! Make sure to email Blackleaf, he seems to be keeping a list.[li]

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Thank you! I just PMed him.[li]
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Hmm! Given this, my Monster Hunter alt needs to go back to grinding her Dangerous score. Any suggestion for the best place to do that, and make a bit of money at the same time?[li]

Well the best way to grind with regular challenges is to hit the hardest ones possible, which isn’t really great for making money since you’ll be failing a lot (Not to mention, where are you going to find almost impossible challenges when your stats are near capped?)

So you can either grind something like Velocipede Squad at 1cp/action and a decent profit, or grind second chances at, I think, 4-7 cp/action (depending on how frequently you can manage to lose sparring bouts) and use the actions you save by more efficiently grinding Dangerous to grind Affair of the Box or Fidgeting Writer or some other high paying sequence.