New Level Cap?

Whats the new level cap? I have been grinding for weeks with no end in sight. Is it 175 or is it higher?[li]

Yes, it’s 175.

Sadly, it is only 175. Only my watchful is capped, but it frustrates me all the same.

And the cap has been raised again.

Wonderful! Time for another trip at zee at soon as I can get out of the Tomb-Colonies _

EDIT: Waitaminit, it takes 60 CP to get one level! Is it intentional or a bug?
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I just hit the old level cap in all stats yesterday. I’m…not sure that I’m happy it’s up again. I hope there will be new content shortly to go along with it.

Yeah, bittersweet - I had Shadowy (only) at cap, for a couple of days, and was feeling briefly proud…

What has it been raised to?

I don’t think anyone knows yet. I’d guess that it’s at least 180. I’ve been grinding in Hunters Keep for weeks now and Watchful started going up again a few days ago. I’m up to 177 + 7 cp with 53 to go to get to 178.

I’m kind of a noob when it coems to efficient grinding, can you explain your reasons for grinding at hunter’s keep?

A heads up for those who wish to get buff and get stats; The various stat-based social action-y things at your lodgings now let you trade in 5 second chance items for a fairly big chunk of stat! It uses a random number effect (random number effects are my favorite storynexus function but they must be an awful hell nightmare for wiki editors), but it seems to have a fairly big baseline regardless. Stats!

It’s good for echoes. I go there to work on my Watchful stat too. :)

I’m working on an overgoat, and Hunters Keep has the best echo/action ratio of all the grinds (plus it’s easier to avoid getting distracted there). The efficient loop is nearly 2 E/A which is the highest reliable grind as far as I’m aware. There was a thread a while back that was looking at the efficient echo generating loops: It’s a bit out of date but good luck!

The new cap on stats is 180, by the way.

In other stat-related news, the Unsigned Letter card now has an option to trade Notability for stats (at a level of stat per level of Notability). And it looks like the difficulty of raising Notability has been scaled back a bit, so you have a pretty good shot at that first point of Notability with only 1 or 2 Making Waves. So if you get the relevant cards often enough, that could be a good deal.

Wait how can you need 200 of for example persuasive to become a legendary carisma if the cap is 175?

This thread is from back in 2013. The cap is now 200.