New item quality, significant.

Another one, it seems like two or more can fit on the same item(such as the example on my mantlepiece), this one came really early considering they are usually for exceptional stories, didn’t it? Maybe it’s something else then?
edited by The Master on 5/28/2016

Do we have any idea what items have it? The only ones I can find are the classic short story with 3, and your celebrated story, also with 3.
Unless they’re adding something to write beyond just short stories, and want to distinguish between them?
edited by suinicide on 5/28/2016

Masterful short story also has it (at 3).
edited by Jermaine Vendredi on 5/28/2016

I think Embassy in Repair also showed up quite a while before the latest ES, so I wouldn’t doubt it’s for next month’s ES.