New Inventory Categories

Not too long ago, Failbettergames redid the inventory UI, breaking your inventory into more categories than Gear/Not Gear. A compilation of what items go into the new categories can be found here:

I did not compile this. Apparently, this was compiled by another older Echo Bazaar forum (which never actually got around to acknowledging my registration [but I’m not bitter], and I got this link off of a wiki I frequent). In fact, this might well be a Relic of the First Forum.

Nothing for me to add to that comprehensive google doc…I’m sure people have noticed that various relickers (I think I’ve met…four…so far) deal exclusively in various categories?

I’ve met one for RagTrade, one for Infernal, one for WildWords, and one for Rumor…

There’s a relicker for screams and things as well, isn’t there?

There are four Relickers, each corresponding to one of the four main qualities, I believe. They do not deal exclusively in one category, though they do limit themselves to only a few, usually relevant to the quality they represent. The Shivering Relicker (Watchful) deals in Mysteries and Wild Words, for example, and I believe the Shadowy Relicker is the one that deals in Infernal goods.

Hmm, I do like your four main qualities theory, though I do think that each deals exclusively in one category…a quick check of the wiki along with a cross reference to the ebz goods layout google doc yields:

  1. The coquettish relicker – corresponds with dangerous and RagTrade (as far as the item list google doc goes)

  2. The capering relicker – corresponds with persuasive and Infernal (as far as the item list goes…though who knows what “something secret” is)

  3. The shivering relicker – corresponds with watchful and WildWords (as far as the item list goes)

  4. The curt relicker – corresponds with shadowy and Rumor (as far as the item list goes…and note that a lot of the rumor items that the curt relicker carries are already in circulation in the game, whereas not so many of the RagTrade, Infernal, and WildWords are, as far as I know. Though I did see a new opp card that gets you maniac’s prayers today.)

edited because closer examination of the relicker cards shows that they do actually test stats in the 4 qualities…silly me!
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I wonder why are the relics from other cities in different categories.

It’s either an error or a clue. My Echoes are on the latter.

I am wondering where basalt gymnasiums and voluminous libraries go when you acquire them. They don’t seem to appear anywhere in inventory. – OHO!! So that’s what the Expanded Inventory is for.
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