New Heist in the Flit!

[color=#0066ff]The Circumspect Envoy’s townhouse is a hoard of state secrets. Citizens with an interest in the city of Arbor’s business would pay highly for them.

Londoners who frequent the secretive strata of the Flit will now find a new Heist at the Circumspect Envoy’s Townhouse!

You can access the Flit via your Lodgings, providing you have 50 Shadowy - or enough moon-pearls to bribe your way.

You can also access the Flit by drawing The Ways of the Flit card from your opportunity deck. [/color]
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This looks damn interesting, many thanks!

Info from Reddit; many thanks to them!
One of the possible rewards
Four information after the Heist
Ancient treaties, Ambassador route
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First of all, I love Heists in general. Second of all, I really like the branching reward structure of this heist. It increases replayability, and it promises to dole out a healthy amount of lore over a reasonable amount of action investment.

This new content continues the trend we saw last year that items that were previously extremely limited are now becoming more available.

[spoiler]I stole the secrets of the Rosers. Echoes in my journal. Reward from selling to London’s Ambassador are 2xPresbyterate Passphrase, 1xFavor in High Places, 1xVital Intelligence(!!!), for a total echo value of 30.00.

Note that if you sell to the Ambassador, the reward text reflects your choice of who that person should be from Hallowmass. Seeing as I am the Ambassador, the wording is a little awkward.[/spoiler]
Edited because I cannot math.
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Just completed my first* heist of the Circumspect Envoy’s Townhouse. I have three lots of Purloined Paperwork, which, it appears, I may trade for stuff … including Live Specimens? Why do the magicians of the Glass have Live Specimens to trade? Better not ask. But I wonder what the rate of exchange is. If I go on many more heists (the envoy is circumspect, not canny) and collect more Purloined Paperwork … hm…

    • Wait, did I say “first” heist? Haha, that came out wrong. I was, ah, speaking theoretically. As the ambassador to Arbor, I would never stage something so gauche as a heist against their envoy. The very idea!

To be clear, the “Purloined Paperwork” quality reflects which paperwork was burgled by parties unknown, not how much of it. You have Paperwork #3, not 3 piles of paperwork. And you must, erm, “offload” that one before another one can somehow make its way into your hands through no fault of your own.

On one hand, it’s nice to see artifical scarcity being remedied somewhat. It can be kind of odd if any old zee-captain can get a live specimen with proper payment, but any Fallen London-playing citizens (even one who are also highly experienced at zee, incidentally) were limited to a select few rare sources no matter how vast their wealth.

On the other hand, the entire game (at least, its mechanical/collectionist aspect) is founded on articifial scarcity, as is the nature of games involving the collection of virtual items. Having certain items be unusual and rare added some flavour in a way. I always liked the fact that Silent Souls were, for no discernible reason, only acquirable once a year or so, and didn’t have any obvious use - adding an air of mystery to the already unusual item. And I hope I’ll never see the day when my Recipe for Zzoup or my Tins of Zzoup become commonplace commodities.

All that being said, new lore is always appreciated, and the new gameplay sounds positively great: I always did like heists, so more options on that front is extremely welcome!
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Alas! I know I saw that warning, but I guess I forgot about it in the excitement. Well, we already know what happens when we sell that particular information to … er … back to ourselves, so let’s see what happens with the Glass Faction…

The secrets of the Rosers is worth, to the magicians of the Glass:

2 x Live Specimen
1 x Puzzling Map
1 x Silent Soul

That’s 30 Echoes, I believe. There again, I don’t think I’ve ever possessed a Live Specimen, and Silent Souls seem pretty hard to get, so this might be something to grind in the future, just to have the things.

Intriguing… Thankyou for the heads-up! :-D

I am impressed! I only scored two–one from the Season of Celebrations ending, and one because I sold my soul (by accident). Have you sold your soul 23 times, or is there a method for obtaining Fabulous Diamond I know nothing of?

so here’s a question - is there any way to reset the conclusion of the Arbor Embassador? It was seasonal content so it might simply be resetable next time hallowmas rolls around, but considering its lore implications I’m wondering if there might be an option to do so earlier

It’s currently not possible.
It doesn’t really matter, who is Ambassador, though. The rewards are the same. There’s just some flavour text that changes.

this game is all about the text and your character. it matters to me.

It was an entire two-week story, so I doubt it will be possible to repeat it. Unless they somehow make it an independent ES you can purchase?
Another question: I am doing repeatable heists to get all the rewards, and so far I have been selling them to the Ambassador (myself). I will definitely do a fifth to see the result of selling to the Glass - but is the text for giving to the Glass all four rewards the same? Or do you need to do the Heist 8 times to get all the lore?
Not that I won’t do that eventually, but I would like to know.

[quote=Jolanda Swan]but is the text for giving to the Glass all four rewards the same?[/quote]Yes, the Glass option always has the same text - no matter which documents you’re selling them, no matter who’s Ambassador.

[quote=rahv7]It doesn’t really matter who is Ambassador though. The rewards are the same. There’s just some flavour text that changes.[/quote]The differences are quite substantial imo. The Gracious Widow’s ones are the funniest, since she never actually makes an appearance.

The Gracious Widow has an urchin managing her official residence today. The urchin has invited friends and the place is in chaos. It takes some time to make your intentions clear and to ensure the deal is made. Your compensation comes in the form of a variety of things that the urchin believes the Widow won’t miss.

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Anyone know what the text is for those who missed last Hallowmas?

When the Heist was released, some players assumed that different ambassadors might get different rewards. I kind of assumed that the OP was referring to that but was obviously wrong.

I would assume that the Contrarian is the default choice, since he would also become ambassador if you didn’t do anything to make sure another person would accompany you. I’m just guessing, though.

I just finished my fourth heist to see all the different responses from the Injurious Princess, and they’re all absolutely lovely. They’re on my profile if anybody with a different ambassador wants a look.

Does anyone have the echoes if the Duchess is the ambassador? I’m very interested in seeing what she thinks of all this information.

I chose the Duchess – clearly I need to start playing the new heist! Here it is:

The Duchess arrives after you, as she refuses to spend any time at her allocated ambassadorial residence. She takes your documents and slides them into her bag, assuring you that she’ll find a suitable use for them. Then she passes you information of her own, along with an ugly gift she never liked. Her sister has ‘abominable’ taste.

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Meika made the Duchess the Ambassador, she just started doing heists though so nothing complete yet.

This alt
has all the Contrarian text, and this alt has the Widow text except for handing in the vellum book on the Rosers, which is bugged and ironically got me the Duchess’ respond instead. (I already sent a report, but it’s weekend so I’m not expecting to see a respond from FBG soon.)
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