New Goats


I don’t know what to think of those new designs… on one hand, they’re far more detailed than the current ones, but on the other hand, I want to sleep tonight.[/li][li]
edited by Voodoo Master on 1/24/2014

… want. To hold them tight and hug them till they bleat all their secrets.

I took the half-goat images and mirrored them, because everyone knows goats are perfectly symmetrical.
Presumably these are how the Ubergoat and Tetradecagoat (??? enough goat to give anyone nightmares) look
edited by Spacemarine9 on 1/24/2014

Huh. What if Heptagoat is just 7 goats, not 7 overgoats.

7 goats standing on each other’s shoulders while wearing a trenchcoat, trying to buy a bottle of Greyfield’s.

I was never of a mind to associate with such creatures, being denizens of Hell and with my dislike of demons and devils in general. I do not resent them for who they are but what they are - ruthless capitalists literally trying to get my soul.

However, I may make an exception if the Heptagoat is useful in my aims.

Heptagoat: No, do not squee puny mortal for I AM HELL.

Dawww! Who’s an adorable little Hell-beast? Is it you? Is it? Yes it IS! :p

My first thought when I heard of the news is, ‘Wow. I hope the others can breed these with their Ubergoats.’

Clearly the Heptagoat is the seventh kid of a seventh kid, blessed with strange caprine magicks.

In caprine collecting circles, we call this a Trench-goat.