New Flophouse option

An interesting addition to the card: ambush a wine shipment. Costs a Strong-backed Labour, CP Docks; gives MW and 200 Greyfields 1879.

Doesn’t seem like a great payoff. Unless the MW is quite hefty.

That’s all nice, but still not something I want to do every time the card pops up. Still want to sell lodgings.


I tried it the other day. I hadn’t been tracking my MW closely, but I think I only got a few CP. Maybe 5 at the most, but I think closer to 3.

If it comes up again I may try to get a more precise number, but it might also be variable with my having been unfortunate.

Tried again as promised. Went from MW 12 with 3 CP to MW 13 with 2 CP, so 12 CP.

I suspect it’s variable, but I have other things to do with Strong-Backed Labour right now, so I’ll leave it to others of the community to try to be more precise about it.
edited by marcmagus on 7/9/2015