New FL Holiday Event: Fruits of the Zee Festival!

Scanning the Fallen London twitter channel turned up this savory treat of knowledge. Click the link and see for yourself!

I for one am very excited, for I had thought Fallen London all but forgotten amidst all the work going into Sunless Sea. I shall be certain to speed off to Mutton Island the moment I hear the event is underway.

So, what does everyone think of the clearly innocent and inconspicuous little festival over at the so very enjoyable Mutton Island? I hope there are rubbery treats for all!

edited by Owen Wulf on 8/28/2014

I am not ashamed to say I literally squealed in excitement over this news! I’ve been restlessly roaming the city, halfheartedly taking on little projects here and there now that I’ve completed many big grindy end-game achievements like an Impossible Theorem, sighing mightily each time Sunless Sea got another update whilst I stared at the same old opportunities, occurrences, options, and ocelots. Hooray for new things!

Hmm I should probably run through mutton island at least once before they add new content

Innocent whistling

Looks interesting :) Time to go to Mutton Island.

How thrilling! Owing to some business in London proper, I have not ventured across the zee yet. This may be very exciting. After tying up a loose end, I shall hie me to Mutton Island.

Looks pretty interesting-- something’s definitely going on. Unfortunately, I burned up all my stored actions from last night before I discovered it :(

Having been to said island, and now confirmed as someone who will likely become a God, I would say that I, for one, am quite pleased with this new little addition.